The Overnight Experience of Working in a Hotel

Rose William/ January 16, 2021
The Overnight Experience of Working in a Hotel

Depending on the type of hotel, experiences vary for numerous reasons. Skill level and department a worker chooses to specialize in may change the feeling of working overnight in a hotel. However, not every skill is required during the night, for example, during the day, a hotel may need two ushers at the door while at night, one attendant is enough. When the sun goes down and darkness comes out, the air becomes cold but night parties thrive at this hour in hotels. Considering a majority are used to sleeping during the night, workers on the night shift deserve a great thank you for being there even when they feel sleepy.

Cooks who are on night shifts

Cooks who are on night shifts enjoy the luxury of preparing minimal food with fewer orders as compared to during the day. Some meals require maximum time and attention for them to come out perfectly. At night, this is made possible because a few clients are ordering food for many of the clients who are asleep. For waiters, trips made up and down stairs while delivering food are significantly reduced. Cleaners have nothing to worry about but are present just in case of an emergency in a client’s room having their cleaning gadgets ready for work.

The Overnight Experience of Working in a Hotel

Guards have the toughest job, temperatures at night may be freezing cold or boiling hot depending on the season. Rain together with storms find them doing their duty faithfully and, they run for shelter. These workers are responsible for protecting the building plus those in it from attacks and robbery. If they cannot control such activities, reporting to relevant authorities is the way to go. Risking life to protect other lives is a great sacrifice and takes courage. Some are afraid of the dark, guards should not be part of that number for security of clients depending on them. Listening to music while on duty helps counter the boredom and be in a good mood all night long.

Receptionists are not left out in the fun of having little to do at night. Due to different schedules, other customers may arrive late at night and expect good services which the company is reputed for. In a rush to save the company’s name, receptionists are employed just in case such scenarios happen. Five-star hotels normally have services round the clock, unlike one-star hotels which operate differently. Happy customers leave hotels that treated them nicely, willing to tell their friends of how good the place was. If a company seeks to advertise, exemplary service would be the best way to advertise beyond borders.

After capitalism overtook socialism, the thirst for a better life by working hard has increased. Some employees work two jobs to provide for the family, this may mean working during the day and at night. As inhuman as it sounds, workers are struggling to get better lives so employers should congratulate their efforts with minor rewards like giving off days. Happy employers produce outstanding results in the job with minimal straining making customers happy.