The Best Vacation Rental Channel Manager

Brenton Wiley/ March 3, 2021
The Best Vacation Rental Channel Manager

Whether you are a homeowner or a professional host with multiple listings, managing a vacation rental property is difficult. Consequently, you need a vacation rental channel manager. Even though property management systems can do channel management, they are built on slow connections that can lead to problems, e.g., double bookings. Choosing the best software is difficult as applications offering the same service with different features are many online. The software programs have free versions and paid versions, with the paid version having the most features. This text explores what every vacation rental channel manager must have to be considered the best.

Updated API connections

Application Programming Interface (API) is an intermediary software that two applications use to talk to each other. For instance, if you were to book a holiday home on a booking site, the API will send the request to the hotel and get a response. The vacation rental channel manager you are using should have the latest API revisions as reliable connections are important to every business. An outdated API connection will not only lack updated features but lag as well. As a result, you will lose clients and have the trouble of sorting out double bookings.


Competitive prices

These include double booking prevention, intuitive interface, wide portal selection, expert support team, and cloud-based solutions. The functionality of the software will improve while providing a professional image to the client. Resources to build your business should also be included in a good vacation rental channel manager. The internet is an online community therefore, your clients should be able to link their online accounts to your vacation rental channel manager.

Channel onboarding process

Even though technology needs to be intuitive for anybody to use at first glance, this isn’t the case on the developer’s side. This is because optimization requires market research and trial phases, both of which are costly. Clients use the Channel onboarding process to familiarize themselves with the features to use them efficiently on their own. This process requires effort as well as time to comprehend the tool extensively. It is important to purchase a vacation rental channel manager with a simple straight onboarding process. It would be laughable to do the process for over a year since during this period, you will not only have lost customers but money as well.

Competitive prices

The Best Vacation Rental Channel Manager

Understand the pricing of the vacation rental channel manager before buying in. It should be clear whether there is a setup fee, you have to sign a contract, pay on a commission or a subscription basis. This is because the terms and conditions of finances can be hidden. It will be a major setback for a homeowner who glossed over the paperwork to find hidden fees later. A good vacation rental channel manager should explicitly define all the fees instead of entrapping potential clients with cheap deals having extra expenses. It is recommended to choose a subscription service over commission-based and a provider who does not require a contract, just in case you are not satisfied.

Enhanced security

The internet has become a hotspot for scams, making people insecure when making online payments. SSL and HTTPS were introduced to keep information sent over the internet, e.g., banking details encrypted. Only the intended recipient can access them; hence sites with SSL and HTTPS security certificates are secure to transfer sensitive data. Having a secure vacation rental channel manager will boost client confidence in your services and the number of repeat direct bookings.

In 2021, the most important key to have repeat visitors at a vacation home is to ensure they have a stay-at-home feeling. The best vacation rental manager will vary for each person because even though they offer the same service, each has its advantages and disadvantages. Take Next Pax, for instance, it has integrated 150 channels, yet it’s only available in the US and Netherlands. Its drawback is its pricing which is based on commission and its availability. Rentals United offers subscription payment, but it’s only available in Sweden, Spain, Poland, and the USA. A vacation rental channel manager will be the best for you if it provides all the features you need at a competitive price.