The Best Holiday Destination

Jackson Riddle/ April 12, 2021
The Best Holiday Destination

With so many places to go for a vacation on earth, it’s very difficult to choose one especially if you have many choices. But one thing that never disappoints is going for a vacation in the wild. It’s the best thing because you get to interact with nature which is good for your health. Such a place to go for vacation is Masai Mara Game Reserve. Lying North of Tanzania near Lake Natron, in the Great Rift Valley, Masai Mara is a place to visit. It is comprises of wildlife, bird species, and above all, the great wildebeest migration offering spectacular views.

The first thing to do is

The first thing to do is book a hotel within the affordable park. Their prices range from as low as 50 dollars up to 500 dollars per night. These resorts lie inside the Game Reserve offering you a chance to view wild animals while resting at night. Resorts have warm water where you can take a shower any time you’re ready. Additionally, they have swimming pools overlooking the sunsets so that good views aren’t missed any time of the day. All three meals are provided in your rooms by qualified chefs ready to serve at your pleasure.

The Best Holiday Destination

From here, going on game drives will make a day complete in the Mara. Game drives are rides inside the Reserve that offers a chance to view different wild animals inside the Mara. Here, you’ll be provided with a tour guide who teaches you about several animals that you’ve never seen. Inside the Reserve, you’ll get the big five animals namely Rhino, Elephant, Buffalo, Leopard, and the Lion. They are all available in plenty for viewing, and it’s difficult to get bored as you’ll be watching different animals throughout the day. The Reserve overflows with uncountable wildlife species.

An activity that you’ll not want to miss is watching a spectacular wildebeest migration. This migration occurs between July and October each year when a group of about 3 million gazelles, zebras, as well as the wildebeest, cross the River Mara searching for greener pastures. Meanwhile, on its river banks, predators such as crocodiles, lions await to have their share of meat. The migration is recognized internationally as the Seventh Wonder of the World. Wildebeest jump into water spectacularly usually taking them almost a week to cross into Mara plains. It’s a wonderful feeling since it only takes place in Masai Mara.

Besides migration, Hot Air balloon rides are another activity found in those plains. For your vacation to be complete in the Mara, be sure to get a ride in a Hot Air balloon. When it comes to memorable views, hot air balloons have it all. Here, for just 500 dollars, you get to ride inside the balloon floating about the plains for 3 hours. You’ll get to view plains, grasslands, wildlife as well as bird species from space. It’s a view that melts your heart, and you can’t just miss it. The things to carry include a camera, telescope, sunscreen, sunglasses, and wear light clothes to enjoy the beauty of the Savannah.