Is Iran a Country Worth Visiting

Jackson Riddle/ April 29, 2021
Is Iran a Country Worth Visiting

Traveling from one country to another depends on the reason of the traveler. It might be for tourism, pleasure, or news coverage. Countries or cities such as the Bahamas, Dubai, Paris, or Los Angeles are mostly tourists and investors. Countries in the Middle East are often visited by the military, journalists, or reporters for news coverage on economic and political issues.

Iran is a country in the Middle East know for constant wars within the country. Its sociopolitical instability frightens many travelers from visiting the country because of sudden deaths. Countries surrounding Iran, such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Turkey, also suffer from sociopolitical unrest. The sound of stray bullets is the headline news about Iran with many sudden deaths of its citizens. Like their neighboring nations, Iranians can easily sacrifice their lives for suicide booming, destroying innocent lives without any form of regret. These stand as obstacles for travelers to travel to Iran.

America's presence in Iran continues to

The culture of Iran is too rigid for foreigners who visit their nation. They prefer that foreigners should dress like them, following their culture and etiquette. This is discomforting for anyone who is not used to such culture, especially those from non-Muslim backgrounds. Their female dressing style where they cover their entire face can be frightening to a foreigner. It is difficult to identify their facial expression, which is quite awkward.

America’s presence in Iran continues to make Iran an unsafe place to travel to. Since the 1979 revolution in Iran, there has been political instability within the nation between Americans and Iranians, leading to untold deaths. It is discouraging for tourists to visit a nation with much political unrest. November 2020 last year, during a fight in the Persian Gulf between America and Iran, America mistakenly destroyed a civilian Air Flight 655. Their claim that they thought it was a fighter jet can frighten anyone who will not want to bear the risk of flying to Iran.

Is Iran a Country Worth Visiting

Christain faithful find it difficult to travel to Iran because of the restrictions placed on Christians. Any Muslim converted to a Christian is jail or killed, making it difficult to spread Christianity by Christian preachers who will not want to waste their time traveling to Iran. Islamism is a dominant religion in Iran that has eaten into the bone marrow of its citizens. They will not allow the freedom of worship from other religious backgrounds.

The availability of natural gas and oil reserve makes Iran a good destination to travel to. The numerous clashes in the nation of Iran can be traced to its riches in natural resources. This is a fertile ground for business people, including nations that wish to invest in gas or oil. Tourists visit Iran to enjoy its ancient civilization styles with its beautiful Zoroastrian sites. The second-largest country in the Middle East is Iran, with a big capital city known as Tehran. Iran has a beautiful landscape, including Nasir-ol-Molk Mosque, Fin Garden, plus the Golestan Palace buildings for touristic view.